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June 30 2015

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when your life is falling apart and you pretend everything is all good.

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June 26 2015


June 18 2015

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June 15 2015

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June 08 2015

June 03 2015

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May 29 2015

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A world of languages - and how many speak them

by Alberto Lucas López, SCMP Graphic

Each language represented within black borders and then provide the numbers of native speakers (in millions) by country. The colour of these countries shows how languages have taken root in many different regions.

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May 24 2015

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May 12 2015

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May 10 2015

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me trying to fix my life

March 28 2015


Wire Sculptures

Breathtaking Wire Sculptures Capture the Fluidity of the Human Body

English artist Richard Stainthorp captures the beautiful energy and fluidity of the human body using wire. The life-sized sculptures feature both figures in motion and at rest, expressed in the form of large-gauged strands that are densely wrapped around and through one another. By doing this, he gives the work an undeniable presence. Stainthorp also allows the bent wires to shine by keeping their metallic appearance free from any obvious painting or additions.

March 08 2015


March 03 2015

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February 10 2015

February 01 2015


January 12 2015

January 06 2015

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What was the rate of travel in 1800? 1857? 1900? Check out these maps! 

Source: http://www.treehugger.com/slideshows/public-transportation/how-fast-could-you-travel-across-usa-1800s/

Helpful when thinking about distances and calculating travel times.

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December 22 2014

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